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Measurements and Reporting

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We take the time to provide accurate and regularly scheduled reports on your website properties so that you know exactly what is going on, where focus should be, and where your website’s strengths and weaknesses are found.


SEO Reports. We provide reports related to SEO including SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) reports for key terms and phrases, search term frequency, and competition statistics. You will know on a regular basis if you are moving up or down with relation to your competition. With Fuel, you won’t be moving down.


Conversions. We track, monitor, and report upon conversion rates for all types on your website properties. This might be membership, signups, sales, or even social followers. By keeping a close eye on conversions, we can adjust any dip with follow up A/B testing.


Traffic. We monitor the amount of traffic your website receives and where it comes from. Our endgame goal is to increase traffic from all sources: organic search results, PPC campaigns, external links, and social media campaigns. 


Demographics. Demographics related to search engine queries are often hidden by the search engine giants, and cannot be quantified. But there are many other ways we can obtain demographic information and we report the information we are able to acquire relating to geographic area, gender, age, race, and other aspects that may be beneficial.


Social Media. All social media accounts managed by Fuel are included in our reports. We measure engagement with likes, follows, comments, and shares. Our Social Media Service page covers more information.


PPC. Clients who have PPC (pay per click) campaigns managed by Fuel are supplied with regular reports on effectiveness. Our reports are supplemented through the use of PPC scripts (such as Google Analytics) to show conversion rates from PPC campaigns, bounce rates, and overall effectiveness of landing pages.


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