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Content for social media we create consists of blog posts, stand alone social media posts, links, ads, inspirational posts, posts that drive emotion, and posts that drive engagement.


User Generated Content. This is a time-tested incredible way to increase engagement.  Using UGS shows your community that you care about them and other users usually love to see it as well. It creates an atmosphere of increased participation.


Infographics. Infographics have the tendency to be widely spread and shared across various platforms. As long as the information is relevant and interesting, it can have a viral effect that continues long after the initial jump.


Video. From regular video to real-time to love posts to virtual reality, video posts can stop potential audience members in their social media tracks, compelling them to stop scrolling and pay attention. After all, people are drawn to visuals.


Freebies. Freebies and contests are a fast and efficient (and very cost friendly) way of getting social media posts spread far and wide. Have a great new product? Creating a contest for a free win could deliver millions of free brand views due to people sharing the post.


Advocacy. When a brand shows that it’s committed to its community or an important society issue, related posts can drive emotion. Showing how you give back to your community in posts increases trust and brand awareness.


Humor. Go ahead, tickle the funny bone. People love to share positive and humorous messages. So go ahead, have fun. It doesn’t always have to be down to business. Posts with humorous messages tell the world that your business is run by humans, not bots.


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