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Social Media Stategy

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Creating a unique message and brand awareness campaign for your business is a talent we have in abundance.


Setting goals. We first create marketing goals that are in sync with your business objectives. These goals will dictate what types of actions we may use in your social media campaigns. Goals differ from business to business and include things such as sales, sign ups, shares, engagement, advocacy, and more. 


Getting to know the audience. The targeted audience needs to be clearly defined. And this audience should be well known and understood – and also know where this audience is most in abundance online – which platform would you find them on? 


Competition Analysis. A great start is to check out the competition. Find out which competitors are killing it on social media. Everything is out in the open and is easy to see which techniques work best. Not only do we check out competitor strategy, we also keep tabs on them.


New Accounts. Brand awareness works great when you have multiple platforms. Don’t stick to just one or two because that’s what you’ve been doing for a decade. It’s time to branch out, especially when millennials have moved on from Facebook. We create accounts for your brand on several hot platforms and manage them all concurrently.


Content Calendar. We develop a content calendar that works for your business to regular post content across your social media network on a consistent basis. This make things streamlined and efficient and you always know what to expect in the posting process.


Inspire. The endgame goal is to inspire potential customers and conversions. We want to inspire engagement, shares, comments, and link clicks. We endeavor to inspire target audience members to want to know more about you. To do this, we work hard in creating incredible and inspirational content with viral potential.


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