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Our SEO Audits are comprehensive analyses of a website property’s measurement based on standard best practices in SEO. We look at all factors to determine what needs to be changed, implemented, and/or fixed to bring about good standing, traffic increase, and better SERPs.


Server Analysis. Behind the scenes, your website runs on a server. We measure your server’s capacity and type to determine if there is a more appropriate server solution for your website(s).


Website Analysis. There are too many components of a full website analysis relating to SEO to list here. Rest assured, we look at every possible item as it relates to SEO best practices such as meta information, inbound and outbound links, possible penalties, structure, and content.


Search Engines. We create a full and extensive workup of your current listings in all search engines and also look for errors such as 404s, looping redirects, and other problematic issues.


Website Health. We examine the health of your website(s) with regards to errors that you may or may not see. Scripts that are no longer working, script conflicts, code errors, site speed, loading of external scripts, php errors, and more. These behind-the-scenes issues could be doing damage you’re unaware of.


Users. Your website should be a darling for users. We examine your ease of use and all things related on the user end. We also examine bounce rates, conversion rates, returning visitors, and other KPIs. These indicators could signify a change in page construction and functionality.


Social Media. Social media accounts and public interaction is a ‘must have’ and measurements factor directly into SEO and secret search engine algorithms. We examine all of your social media activity and provide plans for improvement and ease of use.


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