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20 Years as the Top Rated SEO Company – Social Media Marketing – Digital Marketing Agency Says we’re doing something right!

Proud to be the Premier Digital Marketing Agency offering the highest level Social media services,
SEO Services, and PPC Management


We have the best creative & analytical talent in the world, incredible connections with social media influencers, and more…


Agressive SEO to rank higher in the search engines, Increase qualified Leads, and skyrocket Revenues. Proud to be a Top Rated SEO Agency

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We analyze data, crunch the numbers, test hundreds and even thousands of different ads, verbiage, images, measure conversions…


We dive into your industry, the data, the ROI, and own it.

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Some of our Digital Marketing Services


Search Engine Optimization - SEO

If you want to rank higher in the search engines, than our High Level SEO if for you. Our roots are that of the Best SEO Agency in the country stemming back to 1998. We pioneered many of todays SEO techniques, and apply science and data for a winning formula.


CMO Services

We will analyze and fully lead your digital marketing efforts acting as a virtual CMO


Social Media Management

Fuel Online offers extraordinary high level Social media management. Proud to be a Social Media Agency that has helped to pave the way for the rest to follow. We’re not afraid to shake things up.


Paid Social Advertising

From concept, creative, audience building, to data we deliver paid social media ad campaigns at the highest level


Pay per Click Campaigns

If not managed properly, PPC can burn through your marketing budget in a matter of days


Paid Content & Media

We bring almost 20 years of digital marketing expertise to brainstorm, develop, and execute complex paid content and media campaigns on your behalf

About Fuel online

With being one of the Top Rated Seo & Social Media firms the in the country, comes great responsibility. If you take away one thing from reading this, let it be that we are absolutely Passionate about what we do and we love it!

Data driven & Passionate about Digital

We execute industry leading digital marketing concepts every day, and we love what we do! While it takes a lot of creativity, and thinking outside the box to be a Top Rated Social Media Agency, our real edge is being so data driven and analytical. We analyze every click, click thru ratio, site journey, bounce rate, and conversion to fine tune every single campaign to extract every ounce of engagement and ROI on your behalf.

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We Are Fuel Online


We EAT, SLEEP, and BREATHE Digital marketing. We are nerds, scientists, analysts and hard core
business competitors. Fuel Online treats every single client’s business as if it were our own.

Over 18 Years Experience in SEO
Our founder Scott Levy is one of the original and most well known SEO & Social Media experts in the industry having pioneered many of today’s Digital Marketing Agency techniques. One of the top ranked seo agencies since 1998
Extraordinary Customer Service
Being one of the top Social Media & SEO Firms means we are always available to you & believe in fast email replies, and a true desire to understand your business and care about your success.
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Awards & Accolades
Proud to have Achieved the following accolades

  • Best Boston SEO Agency
  • Best Boston SEO Firms
  • Best Boston Social media firms
  • Best Boston Social media agecies
  • Best SEO Company New York
  • #1 Rated SEO Company

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We currently are accepting new clients on a case by case basis, and have a waiting list. If you have an interesting company and challenge, and have the budget to back it up, email us for consideration.

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Social Media Management
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Ad Management & Placement



Scott Levy & Fuel Online consulted in my social media strategy. His advice I found helpful and we brainstormed together on Twitter and helped with my Facebook presence as well. He’s been in the business a long time and knows his stuff.
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Todd Hoffman
Gold Rush on Discovery
Scott & Fuel Online are a top notch firm.  They know their business inside and out and are continually focused on delivering results.  I’d highly recommend them.
Mike Hostetler
Founder & CEO of appendTo
As an actress in Hollywood I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the importance of Social Media and its uses. Then I met Scott Levy from Fuel Online and he opened up a whole new Twitterverse to me!  He has taught me so much about Twitter and Facebook and the power they have in my career. Thanks Scott. Wait, I should Tweet this.
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Rebecca Mader
Lost, Devil Wears Prada, Iron Man 3
Fuel has been an awesome addition to our social media team and has provided us with great insight and fresh ideas in the field. Scott and his team at Fuel are easy to work with and get things done the right way.
Ronnie Winter
CEO/Manager/Lead Singer The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I’m impressed with the work of Scott Levy of Fuel Online. Scott not only truly understands social media engagement, but he’s one of Kred’s top influencers. To really understand influencers, it is important to be one as well.
Andrew Grill
CEO of KRED a leading social influencer platform
If you’re looking for a true partner, pick Fuel Online. Our organization had to start from scratch for our social media strategy, launch a new website, develop a more strategic SEO strategy, gain buy-in from our senior leaders, and Fuel helped us with all of it. Scott is amazing, and I can’t imagine starting our digital strategy or continuing it with anyone else.
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Amanda Emery
Associate Director, Online and B2B Marketing, -Insurance Company

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