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Links, both inbound and outbound, can have a direct negative impact if the link in question is suspicious, dangerous, malicious, or poor in quality. Fuel Online examines all links to and from client properties.


Outbound. If your website consists of hundreds or even thousands of pages, chances are you have old links embedded without “nofollow” tags. Often, old links fall apart and are either no longer used leading to a 404 page, or have been taken over by a malicious party which buys old domains with a heavy amount of backlinks. Fuel Online methodically examines all outbound links one at a time.


Inbound. While you can’t control other websites, some links to your site can be considered extremely negative. If links are unable to be removed, we use “Disavow” tools to break the connection in the eyes of search engines. We look for negative inbound links through search engine consoles.


Link Farms. A link farm is a sandpit of a trap that many website owners have fallen victim to. The theory was that if you joined a link farm, you could boost rankings. This is black hat SEO because it is an attempt to artificially inflate rankings. If Google or other search engines believe you are a part of a link farm, it will take a while for your website to see the light of day again. We identify any penalties related to link farms and work to fix the issue.


Written Requests. Our first line of action with link removal, links to your site on another, is a written request. Getting the link actually removed is the best way to go. We work hard to remove links that may be causing penalties through written communication. 


The Right Tags. the “NoFollow” tag is a wonderful way to keep links on your site without giving link juice. As we examine all outbound links on your site, we may implement this tag on many links that you would like to keep while refraining from a link juice leak. This will increase the standing of your site.


From Search Engines. We often come across websites with every single page listed in the search engine index and this is something that should be avoided at all costs. There are many pages that should not be indexed such as log-in pages or pages that can only be seen by logged-in users. We identify which pages should not be indexed, list them as “no-index”, and remove them from all search engines.


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