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Search engines give your website a mobile SEO score which is factored into their super secret algorithms. A website must be able to be viewed on a mobile device in-frame and without spilling over. This fairly new SEO factor is believed to become more important, and weigh more heavily within search engine rankings, in the future. 


User Experience. Search engines, mainly Google, know if your site is not rendering correctly on mobile. They will even send you warnings through your Google (Webmaster’s) Console if things aren’t looking good on mobile. The importance lies in user experience, and not search engine bots. They want to make sure users are able to easily navigate your website on a mobile device.


Screen Sizes. It’s not just mobile, but also tablets and super-sized tablets. Every section of your website should be modified to look perfect on several different screen sizes. We make sure each part of your site looks great no matter what device is being used.


Browsers. This can be a source of consternation for many developers. Not all browsers work the same or even recognize the same code. For desktop (large screen) devices, websites look the same across the board for the most part. On phones – not so much. We take care to work with cross-browser platforms to monitor the appearance of your site from several different browsers.


No More Subdomains. You shouldn’t be using a subdomain to present your mobile website version. Your website should resize through the use of CSS with screen size indicators. We can help with the appropriate adjustments.


Speed. Your mobile website versions should be lightweight, utilize a hamburger menu, and be extremely fast. The longer it takes for your mobile version to load, the higher your bounce rate will be, and the lower your search engine ranking.


Search Engine Ranking is Different. A Google search, for example, on the same subject may yield different results on a mobile device versus a desktop device. Search results on mobile give more sway to local listings and local SEO.


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