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Penalty Assessment and Repair

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Fuel Online puts you in the “know”. Have you had struggles with your SERPs? Did you undergo a massive SERP and traffic drop one day and never recuperate? Can’t figure out why? Let Fuel Online take the reigns, determine what caused the drop, and how to fix it.


Algorithm Vs. Penalty. Search engine penalties are rarely “in plain site” unless there was a manual action taken by a search engine employee. And determining whether your website invisibility is due to poor SEO (algorithms) or a penalty can take some serious web sleuthing. We’re up for it.


Manual Actions. In the case of a manual penalty being applied to your domain – at least it’s “in plain site” and displayed on the webmaster console. In this case, we research the penalty, why it was applied, and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.


Black Hat SEO. There may have been “Black Hat SEO” techniques applied on your website such as cloaking or sneaky redirects. These are things you’re are likely not aware of, and never intended as the site owner. If your website is old, there may be these old techniques applied by an old webmaster. In the case of older sites, we work to rebuild them, bring them up to code, and remove any poor code.


Hacked! You could be hacked, and not even know it. Old plug-ins and websites that have not been updated in significant periods will have holes that were never patched. Sneaky old programs can lead to code insertions all over you site that’s invisible to the naked eye, but very visible to search engines. If you’re hacked, and malicious code is introduced, your site will be penalized. We know how to clean up bad code, remove and quarantine viruses, and fix your site.


Spam. Website spam comes in a number of forms. If you have hundreds of pages that have little value or differentiate only slightly from each other, they could be considered “doorway pages” and therefore classified as spam. Websites with spam like this were hit a while ago with an algo update, and most never recovered. Other forms of spam include pages with little content, link roll pages, massive amounts of popup ads, and other items that lead to a poor user experience.


Repair. Fuel online takes the time to ascertain any and all problems that may be directly and indirectly affecting the site leading to hidden penalties and algo hits. Once repairs and appropriate adjustments have been made, we take great care to contact Google and update them with all changes for a faster alleviation of penalties. 


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