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Content Creation

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Rich, informative, and relevant content is essential for high organic search result rank. We aid in the construction and curation of SEO content.


Keyword Research. Your biggest weapon in creating SEO-rich content is strategic keyword research. Let Fuel Online take on the brunt of this challenge with our time-saving, proprietary keyword research techniques. Our research analyzes keyword searches, competitor keywords, and commonly connected or associated search strings.


Keyword Optimization. This is knowing where to put your rich keywords within content, within hierarchy, and within meta detail. We know all the best practices.


Content Organization. The content structure of your site is extremely important for a good user experience and for search engines. Those bots pay attention to how your content is structured. Site architecture is an extremely important facet of good SEO.


Pages. Your pages or articles should be in-depth, informative, and relevant. We aid in content creation with the addition of page content, or expansion of, using all of our SEO techniques embedded within.


Blog Posts. While your pages or articles should remain static, it’s beneficial to include a regular posting of new information through blog posts. This new content is great “Google Fodder”, increases your web footprint, and brings new visitors to your site.


Product Pages. Product pages are a form of content and combined with SEO, can give your website a massive boost. We work to ensure all product pages are imbued with as much relevant detail as possible with as many descriptors as possible and user-friendly cross-linking. Height, weight, colors, brand, detailed description, reviews, etc. The more description inserted, the more easily your page will be found.


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