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Most websites don’t bother to keep up-to-date with continually changing SEO requirements and needs. Think of White Hat SEO as nutrition for your website. Without it, the site will grow weak and feeble, losing rankings on search engines. Fuel Online keeps everything up-to-date so your website will remain strong and healthy.


SSL. In July of 2018, Google required sites to have an SSL certificate installed or risk being “flagged” for being unsecured. Sites without an SSL (noted by the http:// header versus https://) will have their rankings negatively impacted by this date as well. You may have an SSL certificate installed, but the site still shows as unsecured in the browser bar. These are issues we address and fix.


Meta Data. This may be old hat, but it’s still white hat. As a part of our internal SEO audit, we take care to examine all meta information on each page of your site and then take steps to improve upon it if meta data is too long, too short, or missing.


Schema. Schema is more meta data to be added to each page, if applicable, which tells search engines exactly what this page is about and the details pertaining to it, if it falls within one of the many specified categories of schema related information. We provide the code you can use to implement correct schema markup.


Content. We work to make sure your content is well organized, structured correctly, informative, relevant, link-worthy, and padded. Content is one of the most important features of any website. We help to develop and curate content.


Speed. Site load time is a huge factor in SEO and is taken into consideration by search engine algorithms. A page should take no longer than 3 seconds to load. Any longer, and there will be search engine penalties. We work to improve site load time through a caching system, CSS and JS minification, elimination of exterior scripts, use of a CDN if warranted, image compression, and other methods.


User Experience. We focus on user experience. Do you have a high bounce rate? Search engines take note of this too. A great user experience has a low bounce rate and high conversions. We work to strengthen user experience through A/B testing and other methods.


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