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Voice Search is a function that allows users to search the Web using spoken voice commands rather than typing via like their phones, i.e Google Search, Siri, Alexa etc. It can also be used on desktop. Voice search has changed life as we know, and is rapidly growing in use, adoption and the got format for finding something on the web.

What is Voice Search SEO or Voice SEO?

Fuel Online is proud to be considered one of the Best Voice Search SEO Agencies in the country. Voice SEO is important for companies, organizations and most websites and it is different than your standard SEO approach and mentality. How people search via voice is totally different than how they execute a search query when typing.  Typically typed searches are very brief and to the point, a word or 2 if they user can help it. With Voice Search, queries are often very long tail, with full questions posed such as “What is the best Sushi restaurant in Boston” or “who has the best rated Pizza in Boston”. Voice SEO is a Longtail strategy, complex, detailed and drawn our search terms. These search terms are also typically centered around question and answer language.

Also typically Google and other voice search platforms will read back the answer to you stemming from either Reviews, or Feature Snippets. This requires structured data and high level focus on providing question and answer formats as well is succinct facts and information on your website that can and should be viewed as a resource.

If you are looking for a Voice SEO Company or a Voice Search SEO agency you’ve found one of the thought leaders and pioneers in the space.

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